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Duel Masters

Post  Darkshadow24 on Thu Oct 27, 2011 3:53 am

For some of you that don't know Duel Masters is a exciting collectable card game/TCG which is like a cross path between YGO and MTG. It's not a ygo rippoff so don't wet your pants. The game discontinued in 2006 and Wizards in 2010 took of the links on their site. The reason I think this is because at that time people would come to a sense where Duel masters related to Duel Monsters (YGO) and YGO was quite becoming a good tcg at that time.

KAIJUDO: RISE OF THE DUEL MASTERS is an animated action-adventure fantasy series that tells the story of RAIDEN (RAY) PIERCE-OKAMOTO, a talented 14 year-old creature tamer, ‘whisperer’ and duelist who along with his friends Allie and Gabe, battle the evil forces that are appearing in our world who have come through the Veil, to wreak havoc . In the world of Duel Masters, other-worldly creatures, “kaiju” co-existed with mankind for thousands of years. All was peaceful for centuries, but now The Veil has begun to tear, and creatures are coming to Earth with frightening regularity. Mankind’s hope rests with those brave few who can tame the creatures…The Duel Masters!

This is the new show which will feature next year in USA on the Hub Channel next year. This sounds more like Digimon description but I like the fact it doesn't link in with YGO so I'm happy. I haven't got anything to show you about the characters and other stuff as it hasn't been released yet.

'I just wanted to let all my fellow DA members know and my fans that I have been creating and art directing a new boys action series for
Hasbro Studios(HUB) which is called Kaijudo:Rise of the Duelmasters. Yes, it is based on the card game Duelmasters from Wizards of The Coast. We have written the rules of the game into the mythology of the show and yes we are stylizing existing creatures into the series as well as creating a whole new main cast. Its the first boys action series I have worked on and its the best project I have worked in I don't know how long. I am very passionate about this project and proud of what we have accomplished visually and narratively thus far.
I promise you all- it wont disappoint.
I didn't realize how big the brand is until I typed in Duelmasters to the DA database. So tell your friends and anyone of this following.
I cant post anything yet but the series will be launching in March/April of 2012 and is sure to blow your socks off..... Stay Tuned.'

This is information in which I researched finding out that people are planning stuff for this show. March/April is a good time as we I want them to make the show appear good.

I just wanted to post this for people who are looking for a mid-ranged game of YGO and MTG and people who have quit Duel masters I wanted to inform them of the news. If you don't like what I've posted please say so.

I just wanted to show you guys this if you don't recognise the game.

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Re: Duel Masters

Post  HunterDG91 on Thu Oct 27, 2011 4:19 am

Yes I remember the TCG from a few years ago. I liked the monsters that they came up with, however I didn't really like how the game played. Unlike Yu-Gi-Oh it doesn't really have much strategy gameplay involved. Though I think if there is a series coming out I will probably check it out.
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